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Air Conditioning / Heating


Driving your vehicle without working air conditioning and heating can be unbearable at times, especially in extreme weather conditions. If your BMW or MINI is experiencing issues with the A/C or heating systems, bring your vehicle into our experts. At Motorhaus in West Palm Beach, FL, our mechanics are ASE certified and are BMW factory trained. We can diagnose and repair any air conditioning or heating issue and get you back on the road comfortably in no time!

The A/C and heating systems in your vehicle are complex and consist of many different working parts. These systems essentially take air from the outside, filter that air, and then heat or cool the air before it reaches your interior vents to your desired temperature. Due to this complex process, a number of issues can occur during this process which can hinder their performance or stop working altogether. 

Any of the following symptoms can indicate a problem with the air conditioning or heating systems in your vehicle: 

    • Air temperature doesn’t match your setting
    • Air blowing out is warm when A/C is turned on 
    • No air blows out of vents when turned on
    • Strange noises or smells when A/C or heat is running

If you’re experiencing any of the issues listed above, bring your vehicle into our West Palm Beach auto repair shop. Our shop has the latest tools and equipment to properly handle your vehicle and repair it correctly the first time around. Our experts will inspect your vehicle for leaks, faulty pressure sensor, a bad compressor, clogged expansion valve, or low refrigerant when it comes to air conditioning issues. A problem with the heating system usually stems from a bad heater valve. We will determine the exact cause of the issue and will restore your vehicle back to top working condition. 

At Motorhaus, we provide dealership level service at without the dealership price tag. We offer our customers an outstanding 36 month/36,000 mile warranty on repairs and services. Our shop also has a comfortable waiting area with free Wi-fi and coffee available. If you’re looking for a professional auto repair shop to perform air conditioning or heating repairs for your BMW or MINI vehicle, stop by the experts here at Motorhaus!

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