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After a long day at work, every driver wants to relax and enjoy the wonderful cold air flowing out of the vents, especially in the summer heat of Florida. While a vehicle air conditioning system is designed to function for a long time, many things can go wrong with it without your knowledge. It just takes one component to fail in your car to leave you without cold air. At this point, you’ll need a competent auto repair service center.

MotorHaus is a world-class auto repair shop with ASE-certified technicians that can diagnose and repair the A/C system in your car. If you live in West Palm Beach and you are looking for an auto repair shop that can fix the A/C system in your BMW, MERCEDES or MINI, you can count on us.

At MotorHaus, our technicians are well-trained and qualified to handle a wide range of A/C system servicing and repairs. When you leave your car to our experts, you can be sure of a fully functional air conditioning system that will help you stay cool all summer. Allow the qualified professionals at MotorHaus to address all of your A/C service needs.





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The A/C in your car is intended to keep you cool all year, so it should be serviced regularly. Our ASE-certified professionals are familiar with your vehicle’s A/C system and can ensure that even minor faults are discovered and addressed quickly. At MotorHaus, we specialize in A/C servicing for manufacturers such as:

Common A/C Repairs & Issues

A few parts may need replacement or repair when fixing the air conditioning system in your car. Some of the components that we check include:



Expansion valves




Any of the following signs may suggest a problem
with your air conditioning or heating systems:
  • Air flowing out is warm when A/C is switched on
  • Strange sounds or odors when heat or A/C is turned on
  • Air does not blow out of vents when heat or A/C is put on
  • The air temperature does not match your setting

Our expert technicians use cutting-edge technology to inspect and repair any air conditioning system that is brought to our garage. Because of our years of experience and quality service delivery in the automotive industry, we have become the go-to service center for the whole of the West Palm Beach area. We can handle everything from basic A/C maintenance to major repairs.

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MotorHaus is based in West Palm Beach, FL, but we also welcome drivers from neighboring areas, including:

Nobody likes to be without air conditioning in the heat of Florida. You can rely on our team to fix whatever is wrong with your vehicle and restore its air conditioning. With the most advanced technology available to properly analyze your car, there is no better time than now to bring it in.

With the support of our experts in air conditioning services, you can escape the heat and enjoy a lovely, cool journey home. If your A/C isn’t blowing as cold as it should, just give us a call or stop at our shop to book an appointment with our experts.

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