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The job of your vehicle’s cooling system is to essentially cool down your vehicle’s engine. When you are driving your vehicle, your engine is emitting lots of heat. In order to regulate the temperature of your engine, your vehicle’s cooling system distributes lubricant to coat your engine and protect vital components. Without a working cooling system, your engine is exposed to extensive heat, resulting in engine overheating, corrosion, and damage.

At Motorhaus in West Palm Beach, FL, we are the experts when it comes to cooling system repair on BMW, MERCEDES and MINI vehicles. Our ASE certified and BMW factory trained technicians can assist with any cooling system repair that your vehicle may need. If your vehicle is constantly overheating or you are experiencing other engine problems, there may be an issue with your vehicle’s cooling system.

The best way to avoid cooling system and engine problems is to have your vehicle’s cooling system inspected regularly. Catching an issue early on will end up saving you time and money in the long run, especially when it comes to engine repairs. If there is a problem with the cooling system, you will start to notice that your vehicle’s engine is running rough and is constantly overheating. You will likely get a warning on the instrument cluster. You may also notice a burning smell while driving. As soon as you start experiencing an engine issue, don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle into our experts for an inspection.





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The A/C in your car is intended to keep you cool all year, so it should be serviced regularly. Our ASE-certified professionals are familiar with your vehicle’s A/C system and can ensure that even minor faults are discovered and addressed quickly. At MotorHaus, we specialize in A/C servicing for manufacturers such as:

When you bring your vehicle into our West Palm Beach auto repair shop, we will perform a full visual inspection of the cooling system. A typical issue can stem from the water pump which can prevent coolant from properly moving throughout the engine. There could also be an issue with the thermostat or radiator. We will work to repair the issue and get you back on the road with a reliable vehicle.

At Motorhaus, we provide dealership level service at without the dealership price tag. We offer our customers an outstanding 36 month/36,000 mile warranty on repairs and services. Our shop also has a comfortable reception area with free Wi-fi and coffee available. If you’re looking for a professional auto repair shop to perform cooling system repair or services for your BMW, MERCEDES or MINI vehicle, stop by the experts here at Motorhaus!

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