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We know how disconcerting it can be to see your car’s check light illuminated as you drive on the roads of West Palm Beach. If your car’s check engine light suddenly comes on, it means that an issue has been discovered somewhere in the vehicle. When this happens, the mechanics at MotorHaus have you covered. We are the best auto repair shop in West Palm Beach, and our ASE-certified and factory-trained technicians can diagnose the reason for the illumination of the check light and fix any problem causing it.

Your car has a computer system that is linked to several sensors. These sensors are responsible for detecting faults, and they trigger the light when something is wrong. The error code detected is analyzed by our technicians using a diagnostic tool.





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Let A Professional Inspect Your Car

The only definite approach to pinpoint the source of the problem is to have your car inspected and diagnosed by a certified technician. At MotorHaus, we have state-of-the-art diagnostic tools for BMW, MERCEDES and MINI vehicle repair that we use to determine the source of the problem when the check light comes on. Our technicians will not only detect the problem, but also fix it to safely get you back on the road.

Bring your car to our experts as soon as you notice the check engine light come on. Ignoring this signal and driving with the light on might worsen the problem, making it more expensive in the long run.

Brand Experts

MotorHaus offers cutting-edge diagnostic technologies that thoroughly analyze check engine light issues in BMWs, MERCEDES and MINIs. The ASE-certified experts at MotorHaus can analyze and repair any problem in your car. Our factory-trained technicians have extensive experience with BMW, MERCEDES and MINI issues, so you can bring your car to us knowing that it is in the best hands.

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MotorHaus’ professional mechanics can help you troubleshoot your check engine light and repair any issues detected. We serve drivers in West Palm Beach, FL, as well as those in neighboring cities such as:

If you discover your check light has turned on, call us or visit our shop to book an appointment for your next auto inspection.

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