Engine mounts are essential to keep the engine of your Mini safe and running. Mounts are reinforced rubber bushings that are used to connect the engine to the body of the car. There are usually three or four motor mounts. These perform various functions to preserve the health and longevity of the engine.

  • Engine mounts make sure the engine is held up tightly and evenly.
  • They absorb the vibrations created by a running engine, thus protecting mounting bolts, brackets, and the fragile sensors of the engine.
  • They also keep the engine from transferring the vibration and movement to the rest of the car.

Signs of a Failed Engine Mount

  • Heavy Vibration: If an engine mount is unable to hold the engine in its proper position, then excessive tremors and shakes will be felt by the driver. The drive will not be as smooth as usual due to the violent vibrations.
  • Suspension and Steering: If the handling of suspension and steering is different or not as easy, it can indicate a failing engine mount. In some cases, it can even make your Mini impossible to drive.
  • Loud Bangs or Clunking: If the mounts are not holding the engine in a tight grip, it is likely to lift itself out of the mounts using the axles. This will lead to the engine suddenly dropping back down when the driver reduces the speed. If this goes unchecked, then the mounts are in danger of being ripped off entirely, leaving the engine to move freely and cause catastrophic damage. It can damage the CV joints, fluid lines, the wiring harness, shift linkages, and many other engine bay components of your Mini. This can be extremely expensive to repair.
  • Idling: The idling of your Mini can become rougher due to a faulty engine mount. You can check this by pressing the brakes and then applying the throttle. If the engine shifts more than an inch, it is a sign mounts are not holding it tightly in place.
  • Leaking: There could also be liquid leaking from your motor mount if your Mini has the rubber and liquid-filled mount design.

Reasons Behind the Failure of Engine Mounts

  • Wear and Tear: Miles and miles of high stress and high speed can certainly take a toll on your Mini, causing its engine mounts to fail. It can lead to a cracked mount and even a split in the parts.
  • Installation issue: In some cases, the mount can be crooked or not fastened to the frame of your car tightly enough. It can cause a malfunction as it will fail to support the engine properly. This is easily repairable by our certified technicians. However, if left unchecked, it can lead to the entire engine failing.
  • Internal Leaking: Oil and other fluids can often loosen the mount off its support. In this case, the drivers will experience the tell-tale sign of excessive vibration.

The engine is the heart and soul of your Mini, and without it, your car is essentially useless to you. If you suspect a problem, it is crucial that you call our technicians to take care of it ASAP. In no circumstance should you drive your Mini with a malfunctioning engine mount, as it can lead to much more damage and expensive repairs. It is also not safe for you to repair a faulty engine mount yourself because your hand can get crushed between the mount and the engine.

MINI Engine Mount Repair

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