If you are still using the old transmission filter in your BMW, it is possible that it is no longer doing its job as well as designed. If you’re having problems with your BMW’s performance, one of the possible reasons is that the filter is clogged and it is likely impeding the flow of the fluid.

The transmission filter in your BMW is a small component in your car that serves a significant role. The filter’s function is to remove impurities from the transmission fluid before it gets to the transmission system. These filters, which are frequently composed of a screen or “felt-like substance,” aren’t meant to last forever because they can get clogged. In this blog post, we’ll go over several warning indications that your transmission fluid filters are about to fail and what you can do about them.

Mysterious Rattle

Sometimes you may know exactly what is causing your car to rattle. Some of the causes might be a defective catalytic converter, worn-out brake pads, or rusty heat shielding. But if you’ve examined all these suspects and you still hear metal-on-metal rattling, your transmission might be at fault.

You will have to turn off the engine and open the hood to check the condition and level of the transmission fluid. If the fluid seems thick and black in color, then the filter may be impeding flow. If it is clogged, it may cause performance problems and may even harm your transmission.

Whining or Whirring

When you change gears, your BMW may create a whining or whirring noise or it may sound like the engine is revving up. The major problem is that it will not engage as fully or as soon as it should. Your shifting should be quiet and seamless, but when there’s a problem, the sound in an automatic transmission is a high-pitched whining. This is most evident when you change gears. Something is wrong if your BMW’s transmission has difficulty shifting or is noisy.


If your BMW leaves a pool of fluid everywhere you park it, it’s likely that there is a leak. The transmission has a lot of gaskets and seals that can become worn or torn with time. The part of the seal connecting the bearing may become loose, making the seal leak. When any of these problems occur, the transmission fluid may leak, causing serious damage to the transmission. The same is true with a blocked filter. If the transmission fluid does not flow properly, you may see signs of a leak outside your car.

Burning Smell

A partly blocked transmission filter produces some smell even before you see other signs. That is because a fluid-starved transmission will not waste time before it starts getting incredibly hot.

Switching Gears Issues

When your transmission is in good working order, it will easily shift gears. However, if it has a clogged filter, it will hesitate or slide when attempting to shift. If shifting gear sounds or feels strange, it might be an indication that your filter and transmission fluid need to be changed.

You may find that the gears grind rather than change smoothly. The alteration might be heard, felt, or both. While this might indicate a worn-out clutch, it’s also possible that your transmission synchronizers are at fault. A fluid change can take care of this in some cases.

BMW Transmission Filter

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