When you use your vehicle’s air conditioning or heating system, air is taken from outside your vehicle and flows through a filter before it enters your cabin. This is necessary to remove pollutants and dirt from the air before it is circulated within your car. It is important to the safety of the air you are inhaling. The cabin air filter is different from the air filter – the cabin air filter is to filter air before it reaches the inside of your vehicle and the air filter filter air that goes into the engine to burn fuel.

So how often does the cabin air filter need to be replaced? Just like your other vehicle filters, the cabin air filter will become significantly dirty over time and will need to be replaced. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual will outline the proper interval recommendation for how often the cabin air filter should be replaced.

The most common symptom that can indicate you need a cabin air filter replacement is poor airflow from the A/C vents. This can indicate that the filter is clogged and isn’t allowing a lot of air to pass through.

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