Summer is a great time to take control of your vehicle’s maintenance. Driving in the spring weather can take a toll on our vehicles, causing wear and tear that can affect overall performance and fuel efficiency. Before your summer road trip plans, be sure to come by MotorHaus for a summer vehicle inspection.

Here are the top summer maintenance items to keep your vehicle running smoothly through the warm months:

  • Read your vehicle’s owner’s manual and see if any recommended services are due
  • Make sure you are current with your vehicle’s oil and filter change
  • Have coolant levels, condition, and concentration checked
  • Inspect belts & hoses for any wear and tear
  • Test air conditioning and verify if it is working properly
  • Check your tires – look at the overall condition, tread, and check tire pressure
  • Look at all lights, interior and exterior, to make sure they work properly including headlights, tail lights, and brake lights
  • Change your windshield wipers and top off wiper fluid
  • Have all fluids checked for levels, including power steering, transmission, and brake fluid
  • Inspect your car’s battery for any corrosion. If it’s been over 3 years since your last battery replacement, having your battery tested is a good idea. It may be time to replace the battery.

All of the services listed above can be performed by the experts at our shop. If you’re due for summer maintenance, bring your vehicle by and we will complete a full inspection to determine if any services are needed to keep your vehicle reliable and safe throughout the next couple of months!

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