Unless you have had to replace an oil pump O-ring on your vehicles, you may not know that such a part existed. However, your vehicle’s oil pump has an important job, and that is to keep your engine lubricated. The oil pump O-ring has an equally important job. It provides a seal that prevents oil from leaking from your oil pump. Typically an oil pump O-ring lasts for the life of the vehicle, but like any mechanical part, it can fail.

How Oil Pump O-Ring Failure Happens

Eventually, oil pump O-ring deterioration can happen as a result of the part becoming brittle or dried out. The oil pump O-ring can crack and begin to leak. Sometimes an oil pump O-ring leak can persist for an extended period without your noticing it. When you finally see it, you may not be aware of the leak’s source, which is why regular vehicle maintenance is essential. Allowing an oil pump O-ring leak to go unrepaired can lead to persistently low oil levels and seriously damage an engine.

Diagnosing and Oil Pump O-Ring Leak

Common signs that your oil pump O-ring needs replacing include visible wear and cuts or gashes on the oil pump O-ring. You might also observe that the engine oil level is low, and there may be oil leaks around the engine, on the timing cover, and the intake manifold. A puddle of oil under the car is another sign of oil pump O-ring failure. A skilled mechanic who spots an oil leak can investigate further to determine if the problem is with the oil pump O-ring. Confirming an oil pump O-ring leak requires removing the timing cover to get a look at the oil pump O-ring.

Repairing an Oil Pump O-Ring Seal

When repairing a failing oil pump O-ring seal, the mechanic will remove the defective O-ring seal, install the new seal, fill the car with fluids, and check the oil pump to ensure the new seal works properly with no leaks.

If you have noticed oil puddles under your vehicle or oil leaks around your engine, bring it to our shop today and let us assess the problem. If you have a bad oil pump O-ring seal, we will be happy to repair it.

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