Having your car break down due to insufficient or dirty transmission fluid can be alarming if you are not prepared. To help save you save from any future disasters, here is a list of warning signs that your fluid needs to be changed.


A car transmission that is polluted with grime and muck can show signs which are related to insufficient amounts of transmission liquid. While you are driving your car, if you observe your transmission screeching or making weird sounds, you have to stop the car and then examine the transmission liquid level whilst the motor is still running.

Make sure that the color of the transmission fluid is light red and is not brownish or blackish due to dirt or muck. If the level of the transmission fluid is normal and adequate, your car possibly requires a transmission cleanse.


Irrespective of whether you are driving an auto or manual, your vehicle needs to have good quality transmission fluid that streams effortlessly through your entire vehicle’s transmission. A transmission that has excessive grime or muck will result in a slow response in the transmission that will lead to your car shifting gears too fast or very late when you are driving. In manual transmission cars, you might find it extremely difficult to shift gears as a whole.


A grubby transmission may result in a shortage of hydraulic energy, very much the same as not getting sufficient transmission fluid will result. In order to remain in the proper gear, the transmission will need to build up a sufficient amount of pressure.

Once a transmission is too filthy, pollutants might affect how transmission fluid flows. If your transmission does not have any other difficulties, and the level of the transmission fluid is full up (or close to it), the issue is most likely a restriction of flow caused by an accumulation of grime and pollutants that have to be cleared out.


When your car’s transmission is contaminated with lots of grime and pollutants and requires a transmission cleanse, you may notice the inexplicable surges from your car. Due to the fact that your vehicle’s unclean transmission does not permit satisfactory transmission fluid flow, your car may have a tendency to jerk or surge ahead and fall back for no excuse. This has been caused by erratic flow of good transmission fluid that is required to guarantee the smooth functioning of the gears as well as other moving components within the transmission bell area.


One more indication that your car may have polluted transmission fluid is when the car stalls for a few seconds before you move after you have put it in drive. If there are no additional difficulties with the transmission, a transmission cleanse might be able to help.

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