What Can Happen If You Let Your Car Sit Too Long?

You may be faced with a situation that causes you to drive less or stop the use of your automobile altogether. Sickness, injury, the move to a healthier lifestyle, or change of work to online freelancing may lead you to keep the vehicle parked for long. Unfortunately, the car is made for the road, and different parts will deteriorate if they do not start for a period. It is essential that you give your car a short drive after sitting for some time to prevent the issues discussed below. Here is a look at some problems.

The Battery May Die

When you drive your car, the battery gets charged via the alternator. If it is left to sit for long without a recharge, it discharges slowly and eventually dies. The battery can indeed hold the charge for some time. However, the alternator is vital for keeping it at optimum capacity. A battery that stays dead for long may eventually get permanently damaged, making it necessary to get a replacement.

Brake Parts May Rust

If brakes are not used for an extended period, they are likely to rust. Rusted brakes are unsafe and problematic. You may need to replace these parts before driving again. You can tell that the brakes have deteriorated if they make grinding and squeaking noises. Also, they may lose their grip as the brake fluid gets to sit on the lower part of the vehicle.

Tires Get Flat

Flat tires are the most obvious signs that your car has been sitting for too long. When tires sit for long, they gradually lose pressure. They may also develop flat spots along their length, and that may damage the ride quality. Environmental elements may also affect tires and cause their erosion.

It May Be Invaded By Pests and Rodents

A sitting car may be a new home to all manner of rodents and pests, including mice, rats, squirrels, cockroaches, hornets, and bees. Some may gnaw onto the engine area and damage the electrical system or make nests. They may also damage the car upholstery or cause the roof to leak. Always cover the vehicle if it is to sit for some time.

If your car has been sitting for a long time, give our auto repair shop a call for a quick inspection before you drive it again!

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