30/60/90K maintenance is the tried and true method implemented by manufacturers to get the most life out of your vehicle. This scheduled maintenance every 30k miles is what’s been found to alleviate deterioration in your car’s parts and systems.

Preventative Maintenance Is Better Than Reactive.

Waiting for something to completely break on your vehicle can have catastrophic results, sometimes resulting in a broken-down car or truck. On top of that, many warranties require regularly scheduled maintenance in order to not void the agreement.

If you ever plan on selling your vehicle in the future, whether as a trade-in or private sale, going through the strides of 30/60/90k vehicle maintenance helps preserve your car’s value by keeping it as close to new as possible. You may even find that your mechanic notices signs of potential issues that they can take care of before it gets out of hand.

It’s Not A Sales Tactic, It’s Expert Advice.

Some drivers believe that since their vehicle is running fine, no maintenance is needed and car dealers simply want to get a few more dollars from servicing their fleet. These ideas are driven by those who have had bad experiences at the auto shop before, and who can blame them when car maintenance can be expensive?

In the case of the 30/60/90k strategy, it was designed to be done at or around the time certain parts and fluids need to be replaced or topped off. Vehicles that get oil changes every 6k miles will need one at each 30k interval as well, with items such as timing belts typically lasting until the 90k mark.

It truly is preventative in nature, no parts are replaced unless required as it looks specifically for areas prone to long-term wear and tear while getting the rest of the vehicle back in tip-top shape.

This does still serve a purpose for manufacturers as their vehicles will be better maintained and last longer, a big selling point when car shopping. That being said, using your manufacturer’s dealerships isn’t required and is often more expensive. If you’re in need of your next scheduled maintenance or need help figuring out where to start, drive on over to our auto repair shop today!

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