We are all familiar with getting the typical oil change for our bimmers, but did you know that your car also requires an oil filter change? As your engine runs day in and day out, dirt and debris trickle into your motor oil. Consequently, oil sludge gets built up in your system. Luckily, motor oil contains surfactants that transfer most of the contaminants through the oil filter. Over time, this oil filter gets clogged up — so much so that oil can no longer flow smoothly through the filter anymore. We doubt you’d want filthy oil circulating through your BMW, as it will mess up your BMW’s performance.


Modern vehicles typically have an extended oil change interval. Newer cars can sometimes go up to 5,000, 10,000, or even 15,000 miles before requiring an oil change due to the advancements of synthetic and synthetic blend oils. However, it would be best if you always matched the manufacturer’s recommendations on what type and grade of oil to put in your BMW. With synthetic oils, you will likely need to pair them with a longer-lasting oil filter.


A standard volume oil filter, made for traditional motor oil, can last several months and several thousand miles before reaching the change interval. Today, many motorists switch to synthetic motor oil for more reliable protection and longevity. If you choose to switch up your oil, remember that you need an oil filter with a higher capacity to match.


It is highly advised that you discuss with your trusted mechanic at Motorhaus before switching to new oil. Our specialists can help you arrange your engine oil needs and ensure that your oil filter is suited to the type of oil you have. If your BMW is due for an oil change soon, give us a call or visit today!

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