Do you get squeamish when your car makes a loud whining sound? The truth is that many unusual car noises can sneak up on you over your vehicle’s lifetime. While some are more concerning than others, you shouldn’t ignore them. Noise can be trouble for your car, especially if it can be described as a whining sound and occurs during acceleration.


There are three explanations for a car that makes a whining sound, including transmission problems, power steering issues, and engine problems.

Whining From Transmission Problems

The first suspect is usually the transmission whenever you catch this annoying sound. It can come from your transmission gears whenever the system runs low on fluid. Besides checking the fluid, it can be hard to distinguish your transmission problem without skills and expertise. We invite you to MotorHaus so our technicians can fully inspect your BMW’s or MINI’s transmission system.

Whining From Power Steering Issues

If you especially notice the whining sound occurring whenever you move the steering wheel, then you can probably blame the power steering system. One thing that could have happened to cause this disruptive sound is a loose belt. Or a leak within the power steering system can also cause excess friction, producing this sound. Either way, it’s best to have a professional inspect and repair your power steering system.

Whining From Engine Problems

Your engine is one of the most complex systems within your BMW and MINI. If your engine emits this noise every time you accelerate, it could be a problem linked to bearings, fluids, and the engine belt. It is best to have an expert check out these components under the hood.


If you need help diagnosing and repairing your whining car, please bring your vehicle to the BMW/MINI specialists at MotorHaus in West Palm Beach, FL.

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