No matter which model of BMW you drive, they come equipped with a climate control system. When it comes to the comfortability of your drive in West Palm Beach, working car A/C is a must. Once the cool air is lost, the enjoyment of your ride declines. You’ll be quick to rush to your trusted auto repair shop.

Why Is My BMW’s A/C Not Cool Enough?

When your A/C temperature doesn’t match the settings or meet your standards, just know that you’re not the only one who’s dealt with this same problem. A/C problems can be due to several issues. It can be a part malfunctioning like the dryer, compressor, or condenser. Or the issue can simply be because you’ve run out or leaked the refrigerant.

What Is Refrigerant?

Refrigerant or freon is a substance that is used to transfer or remove the heart from one place to another. Without this chemical, your A/C will most likely blow warm air. When the time comes, drivers will need to add more of it to their cars. Without refrigerant, your compressor will not work, and your evaporator will not have anything to convert warm air into cold air.


Most automotive professionals recommend having an A/C check and recharge at the start of spring to avoid this shortage. When you bring your BMW to MotorHaus, we’ll carefully inspect your A/C system for signs of errors or leaks. And we’ll recharge your A/C with freon as needed.


For cool and comfortable rides this season, please bring your vehicle to the specialists at Motorhaus today.

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